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Ian Chadwick


Ian Chadwick is a Canadian writer, researcher, amateur historian, political commentator, blogger, politician, and avid reader.  He began working and writing for newspapers in 1969, and has been a newspaper reporter, photographer and managing editor; magazine editor, columnist and feature writer; book editor and book author. He currently writes feature articles for the travel press, motorcycle press, pets magazines, local magazines, and write a regular weekly newspaper column on computers and technology, as well as regular articles for Discover Mexico.

In 1995 Ian launched his website about Tequila.  In the years since then he has expanded the site considerably (including sections on Motorcycles and Henry Hudson), adding a forum 2003, which now has over $1,500 members comprised mostly of aficionados and industry representatives. And finally in 2004 he started and his blog.


Ian and his wife Susan loveMexico, especially Zihuatanejo, and have been traveling around the country for the last 20+ years. They enjoy the culture, people and geography of Mexico.

In March, 2006, Ian joined 35 members of his forum in a historic whirlwind tour of tequila distilleries in Jalisco, including Tequila, Amatitan and Arandas. It was perhaps one of the most exciting and memorable events of his life.  So memorable that he returned to Mexico again in 2007 2008 and 2009, leading a group of 26 members of his forums, this time including stops in Arenal and Tepotitlan.  He is currently in the process of planning a tour for 2010.