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Mr. Agave: Darin Jones

 Mr. AgaveDarin Jones Bio Bottle Shot


Mr. Agave, aka Darin Jones, is the founder, creator and caretaker of, one of the largest Tequila resources on the Internet.

A Colorado entrepreneur, Jones plays partner in a commercial Architecture firm and manages his ecommerce site by day, while contributing to his Agave community by night. A long time lover of Agave spirits, Jones has been appreciating and consuming Tequila for over 20 years, and collecting for over 15. He travels to Mexico frequently visiting distilleries, treasure hunting, and sampling the many "Spirits of Mexico". Jones admires the passion, culture, and tradition behind Mexican spirits, and feels they are in a class of their own.

With several thousand visitors daily, Darin focuses on brand exposure / promotions, industry news, and educating Tequila consumers. Darin's web site is home to over 700 reviewable product listings including Tequila, Mezcal, and Sotol. includes a worldwide map of Tequila Bars and Stores, links to over 200 brand web sites, and a community forum of 1,200+ members. is an online community of aficionados and consumers, where they can share reviews, favorite locations, and talk Tequila.

Darin is also the Director of the Agave Spirits Challenge, a tasting competition open to all Spirits of Mexico. This is a week long tasting event where international judges consume and perform full reviews of each product. Different from other tasting competitions that are completed in one or two days, the Agave Spirits Challenge was created to give a real and honest ratings to consumers.

New content is added daily at We urge you to visit often and feel free to contribute, and join Mr. Agave here in our community.