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Tequila Mezcal & Sotol Defined

Perhaps no other spirit has a more mysterious and colorful history, or been more influential in contemporary culture, than Tequila (and its' close cousins Mezcal and Sotol).  It's origins in the Mexican desert continue to inspire imagery of desperadoes on horseback, shot glasses with limes and salt, and gatherings of youthful friends in a partying frenzy.

In the last 20 years Tequila has gone through a renaissance, evolving into one of the most sophisticated and fastest growing spirits category in the world. It is requested at the finest restaurants and bars, and collected by aficionados worldwide.

To help you understand the difference between Tequila, Mezcal and Sotol, we offer you the following outstanding explanations, courtesy of Tequila expert (and ForTequilaLovers Founding Advisor) Ian Chadwick and his formidable Tequila website (link).




Agave Harvesting

Harvesting Agave

No other drink is surrounded by as many stories, myths, legends and lore as tequila and its companion, mezcal. Tequila transcends simple definition by reaching into the heart of Mexico, past and present...

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Mezcal Grind

Grinding Agave For Mezcal

Mezcal (also spelled mescal) is a related distilled spirit, and is the older form of the name for all tequila as well. The name for the product made in Jalisco state - tequila - was adopted in the late 19th century...

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Sotol Plant

The Sotol Plant

Sotol is form of mezcal made from a different plant: the Dasilyrion, which belongs to the family Nolinaceae. Sotol is made from the Dasylirion wheeleri, D. duranguensis, D. palmeri and D. acotriche, plants...

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