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Tequila Cocktails

by Junior Merino - The Liquid Chef - May 2009

Balance and harmony are the essential qualities driving the artful execution of an every cocktail I create.

Junior Merino - The Liquid Chef

The cocktail should be served with food or on any occasion that is uniquely suited to it. Fresh, quality ingredients, the complexity of their flavors, evolve with the collaborative talents of Mixologist and Chef. The result is a perfect pairing of food and drink.

When I create a cocktail I focus on five elements contributing to an enjoyable and memorable cocktail. First-the visual, the beauty of the creation. Second-the scent of the combined ingredients. Third-taste; the harmonious interplay of all parts. Fourth-balance; the creation of something greater than the sum of the parts. Fifth-the human element; the dedication, passion, the knowledge and respect-with out these none of the above would be possible.



© 2009 junior merino - the liquid chef


Arriva Arriva

This amazing cocktail, made with Tequila and espresso, will make you wish the coffee cart at work had a liquor license...


Piña Agave

Pina Agave Cocktail

Escape the heat on a hot summer day by sipping this delectable drink...but dont close your eyes, you may never come back!



Xochitl Cocktail

This fragrant cocktail, (pron: so-cheet) whose name means "flower", will bloom into one of your must-have drinks for the summer


The Millington

The Millington

A delicious summer citrus cooler that will create a breeze no matter how hot you are.



The Pepino

Pineapple, cucumber, lime and orange combine to give this cocktail a silky smooth taste you wont want to put down


901 and Nectar

901 Tequila & Nectar

Sweeten up your summer with this Nectar from The Gods (er, Junior that is) and you'll think you died and went to heaven.