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Agave Loco Tequila Reposado Pepper Cured (750ml)

How was Agave Loco discovered? The legend has it that a man found a jar of peppers in the back room of his grandmothers home, when he tried one he discovered a pepper with a flavor that was different than he had ever experienced before. The peppers had a zest and flavor that was very familiar to him but he could not place the taste. When he questioned his grandmother she told him that she preferred to preserve (Cure) her peppers in tequila rather than vinegar as is the norm. She felt that the tequila gave the peppers a sweet and spicy flavor that was to her liking. At that time the man’s uncle spoke up and stated that the tequila was better also and that he should try it. Upon drinking the tequila the man had to agree that it was the most flavorful tequila he had ever had. Further research has shown that this may have been the offshoot of a product familiar to many Mexicans, which is called ”Torito” or little bull. From the Tequila Glossary in the web site is defined as... Torito-Little Bull: A beverage from the state of Guerrero made from mezcal, vinegar, green chili, onion, tomato, and cheese. In Mexico and Morelos, it is tequila or aguardiente mixed with orange juice, onion, and chilis in vinegar.
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What is ”Pepper Cured Tequila” Different types of pepper soak in Reposado Tequila from 3 days to two weeks. Several types of pepper are steeped in aged tequila to extract the flavorful oils that give peppers their flavor, character, and heat. The result is that the peppers yield much of their flavor to the tequila and the tequila is ”cured” with the flavor of pepper. This is a process that was discovered by looking for the most interesting tequila from Mexico. While in the Arandas area we discovered people that would preserve their peppers in tequila (or mezcal). After a few weeks the pepper oils that had infused into the tequila would make the liquid so hot that you could not drink it. Locals then discovered that if you diluted this mixture with straight tequila you could regulate the heat to a more palatable level and the result was a very flavorful concoction. There were no recipes for this product because everyone had their own way of making it. In order to make this old world formula we created a process we call ”Pepper Curing”. The benefits of this process are that it takes the rough edges off the taste of a tequila and leaves a full rich pepper flavor and aroma. It took us a long time to perfect it, it is trademarked, and it is a secret, sorry we can’t give you more. What’s so great about it? First of all, if you love the way that peppers enhance the flavor of the foods, you will love the full pepper flavor of Agave Loco. Second, if you don’t like the nasty vapors and harsh flavors you get in some tequilas you will find none here. Agave Loco is the true taste of pepper with none of the harsh alcohol burn you may experience with many tequilas. The pepper curing process succeeds in removing these harsh flavors and burning aromas and all that is left is the fresh flavor of Jalapeno and Serrano pepper, along with the pleasant heat of real pepper flavor. Pepper has long been known for its therapeutic properties. Capsicum (Capsaicin), the compound that makes peppers hot has been shown to aid in general malaise, aches and pains...(Source:wikipedia) We have heard stories from the past of people using the elixir from peppers soaking in tequila to rub on their hands and wrists for the easing of pain from arthritis. We are not touting this as a remedy or cure all, merely passing on what we have been told. We must state that we are intrigued by the concept of our consumers using Agave Loco in this manner, we could truly be an analgesic that can be applied both internally and externally at the same time! What is Agave Loco? Agave Loco is a tequila that is smoother and more flavorful than any other tequila on the market because it has been ”Pepper Cured”, a curing process that was discovered by looking for the most interesting tequila from Mexico. The benefits of this process are that it takes all the rough edges off the taste of the tequila and gives a full Jalapeno and Serrano pepper flavor. The result is that Agave Loco is the smoothest, most flavorful tequila available. In fact, we have an ironclad guarantee that Agave Loco is the world’s best, most flavorful, tequila available. Our Guarantee is: ”If you are not completely satisfied with the taste of Agave Loco Pepper Cured Tequila, return the unused portion to us and we’ll drink it.”
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