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Amaras Mezcal Joven Espadin (750ml)

Subtly perfumes the nose with a nice touch of bergamot and blossom, which continue to unfold with every taste, giving way to a first touch of santal wood, and closing up to the sweetness of matured mango. During the after taste, a velvety salted texture takes over finishing with a slight cinnamon touch.

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White pepper and lime peel open the light, bone-dry palate, chased by a modest amount of smoke and a peppery, piquant finish that echoes the mouthwatering citrus note. Best Buy.(UB Collection,Chairman’s Trophy,Great Value)- An elegant 100% espadin mezcal that does not overwhelm with smoke. Aromas are subtle and enticing, reminiscent of a desert breeze. Silky and suave on the palate, it shows notes of tropical fruit and charred vegetables with a clean, mineral finish.

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